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For shoppers looking for quality home products and exercise equipment, there are a lot of product lines and options out there for you to consider our buying guide today will focus on one of the premier home product lines on the market today. The guide is here to explain to you some of the benefits of Merax products and the types of things they offer. We will include complete product descriptions as well as some buying suggestions for you to find great deals on the products.

Who is Merax?

Merax is a home goods brand founded in 1995. They began by making quality home furniture and gradually expanded to include a whole range of products. They are known for quality construction in their products and for bright, vibrant colors and an almost tropical feel.

Some of these offerings include luggage, kitchen chairs, bar stools and tables, and living room and patio furniture. They have since become known as a standout in the home exercise equipment market. With the inclusion of some of their new products Merax has become a complete lifestyle brand with offerings in almost every area of the home and outdoors.

Merax makes a number of products that are great for both in-home and outdoor exercise. They have a long line of quality products ranging from elliptical machines to rowers and mountain bikes. All of their products have the same superior quality and unique look that Merax is known for.

Product Reviews

#1 Merax 26 Inch Aluminum Mountain Bike 24 Speed With Suspension Fork

This bike features the classic Merax style with Antique blue coloring and bright red accents. This Merax mountain bike is made of aluminum for lightweight carrying. The aluminum frame is light, but also extremely durable and will hold up over long rides and continuous use. The front suspension fork is used to hold the front end of the bike stable over sloped or bumpy surfaces. This improves ride comfort and stability.

Reliable 24-speed derailleurs and gears allow for adjustable speed for a number of different riding styles. The gear shifting is sturdy and smooth even during intense rides. Dual front and rear mechanical disc brakes provide excellent stopping power even when riding at full speed. It also features a 330 lb weight limit for even heavier riders or riders with extra gear. Merax mountain bikes also come with a one-year manufacturer warranty in most cases. A great mountain bike with a lot of features at a price that is quite affordable for a full-featured mountain bike.

The bike comes 85% pre-assembled. Simply lock in the handlebars, front wheel, pedals, and fill the tires with air and you’re ready to go. Normal bike assembly is difficult and time-consuming and requires a number of tools. The pre-assembly of this bike saves time and aggravation and gets you riding faster.


  • Lightweight Frame
  • Dual Disc Brakes For Quick Stopping
  • Comes Pre-Assembled


  • Aluminum Is Not As Rust Resistant As Other Metals
  • Aluminum Can Be Extremely Cold To The Touch When Kept Outside

# 2 Merax 4-Way Adjustable Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike

If you’re looking to get into the world of cycling or fitness training, Merax has an exercise bike for you. The 4-way adjustable indoor cycling exercise bike is a great fitness trainer for those just starting out or for those who are already in top shape.

The bike itself is built to near industrial standards. It features a sleek finish, high performance, quiet running, and incredible durability. This exercise bike is sure to last through all your workouts. It uses a smooth belt-driven mechanism with a solid 33 lb flywheel. This ensures continuous motion from the cycle while running quite. This means you can go hard on this bike without worrying about bothering your neighbors.

This exercise bike is designed around being adjustable. Both the seat and handlebars are adjustable to fit your size and riding style. Then, adjust your workout intensity with the turn of a dial. You can ramp up the resistance to improve muscle burn or lower it and increase speed for enhanced cardio. The bike even comes with an LCD monitor and hand pulse display so you can track your condition while working out.


  • Quite Running Flywheel System
  • Adjustable Seat and Handle Bars
  • Adjustable Resistance


  • Does Not Include Wifi Features

#3 Merax 26 Inch Mountain Bike With Full Suspension 21-Speed Aluminum Frame

If you’re looking to get a little extreme with your exercise, then this Merax 21 speed aluminum mountain bike with a full suspension is the one you want. It features both front and rear suspension that maintains contact with the ground even over bumpy surfaces and ensures a smooth ride regardless of the terrain. The full suspension helps your wheels maintain traction even on slippery surfaces, making your ride faster and safer.

High-grade rubber molded handlebars and seat are contoured specifically for the human body. This gives you an ergonomic and comfortable fit even during those long rides. The 21-speed derailleurs from Shimano give you improved shifting and faster speeds whether you’re on a smooth road or bombing down a steep hill. The heavy-duty nylon pedals and traction assisting anti-skid tires to improve your stability so that you can give every ride all you have.


  • Full Suspension Provides Better Stability
  • Molded Seat and Handlebars For Added Comfort
  • Anti-Skid Tires


  • Aluminum Can Rust

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