MetroMobility USA F.A.Q.

MetroMobility USA F.A.Q.

Who is MetroMobility USA?

MetroMobility USA is a US-based company specializing in the design and development of disability and mobility vehicles.

MetroMobility USA have Which products?

1. Mobility Scooter:
1.1 M1 Lite
1.2 M1
1.3 M1 Plus – Patriot
1.4 Travel Mobility Scooter

2. Accessories:
2.1 Charger
2.2 Battery(12Ah and 20Ah)

Any User Manual About MetroMobility Scooter?

How to contact MetroMobility USA?

Phone Number: (+1)888-616-3876 or (+1) 651-602-1100
Address: 114-02 15th Ave, 2A, College Point, NY, 11356

What’s the Mobility Scooter’s weight capacity?


What’s the Mobility Scooter’s top speed?

4.9 Mile/Hour

What’s the climbing incline rating?

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