Children above 8 years can well and truly get a firsthand experience of robots. It is a device which is fully responsive to the world.
There are many apps available which can help bring the robot to full life
There are a number of coding adventures available which can help the children to learn a bit of coding too.
Full compatible with Android and Apple smart devices.
Using these devices and downloading the required apps it is possible to mad the play robot make sounds, dance, light on its own and perform a host of other amazing functions.
No separate tutorials are needed. The device comes with in-built tutorials and therefore it becomes very user friendly within a short period of time.
Comes in ready to use condition with batteries included. Also comes with USV charging cables and connectors to make it compatible with bricks.
Highly popular because of the various awards including Gold awards from National Parenting for 2015 and quite a few others.

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