Accessory Bank Turn Kit

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With the bank turn kit, build awesome angled turns to your tracks. Race around these turns at faster speeds and pull some serious g-forces! Bank turn kit includes 4 bank turn pieces.Use your mobile device to take command of real robotic supercars in anki overdrive.

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For more experienced players, like I have become, the standard Anki OVERDRIVE track can become a little too easy. That’s where the Anki OVERDRIVE accessories come in and this bank turn kit does just that job.


  • Includes 4 ramps to ramp up a corner piece of track and make a tricky turn in the process.
  • Provides awesome angled turns for better practicing your skills and putting your friends to shame out on the battlefield.
  1. One of the most challenging accessories in the Anki OVERDRIVE accessories range, which will provide a refreshing change for experienced players.
  2. The ramps work with your existing corner pieces, meaning you’ll easily be able to adapt a corner turn to your favourite track.
  3. Includes 4 ramps, which be able to prop up a few bank turns and you’ll only need one of these ramp kits for your track.
  1. You’ll need to buy the actual track pieces separately, as they’re not included with the ramp pieces, which only adds extra cost to using the kit.
  2. Younger and less experienced players will find that they consistently fly off the bank turn piece of track, meaning you’ll only be able to race against experienced players when the bank is installed.


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