Full-automatic Washing Machine, Portable


Full-Automatic Washing Machine, Portable Compact Laundry 8 lbs Load Capacity Washer with 10 Washing Programs, Ideal for Dormitory, Apartments, RV, Laundry Room

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Without taking up too much space, this portable compact washing machine is perfect for small living areas such as dorms, trailers, small apartments, and more. Featuring fully-automatic functionality, this washer is the perfect solution to avoiding hand washing and completing significant loads of laundry at once. Equipped with 8 water levels and 10 washing programs to meet your different laundry needs, 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

Fill up your washing machine with loads of all sizes up to 8lbs, whether its thick clothes, bed sheets or quilt covers, the durable structure can handle it all. With a built-in scheduler timer, throw in your clothes and pre-set a time you would like them to be washed. With the high functionality and practicality of this washing machine, you can now get a powerful and effective laundry wash in the comfort of your own home.


[Fast Automatic Washing Machine] With this portable full-automatic washing machine, simply put your clothes in the stainless steel cylinder tub and select the washer setting according to your load of clothes. Sit back and relax as the washer completes all of the work for you within a standard washing cycle and set your clothes out to dry or toss them in the dryer.

[Compact Design] Keep up with your laundry routine without taking up excessive space in your home with this compact machine equipped with an inner steel tub for fast and effective cleaning. Move this machine easily from place to place in your space, making it perfect for dorms, apartments, trailers or anywhere a standard-sized washing machine is not readily available. With a heavy-duty tub, users can wash up to 8lbs of clothes at once.

[8 Water Level & 10 Washing Programs] Select from 8 water levels and 10 washing programs based on how heavy your laundry load. Washing programs include: regular wash (42 minutes), normal wash (43 minutes), quick wash (21 minutes), blanket (61 minutes), extra spin (10/20/30/60/90 minutes), soak (57 minutes), pre-wash (14 minutes), quick spin (8 minutes), wash & rinse (34 minutes), rinse & spin (28 minutes).

[Reserve Mode] Schedule when you want your laundry to begin washing ahead of time with reserve mode. Simply throw your laundry in, and set a timer to when the washer should start, which can be between 0-24 hours for your convenience. Have your laundry ready to go in the tub without you having to be present for maximum efficiency, with your freshly washed clothes ready for drying exactly when you want.

[Easy to Operate] With a detailed manual included, easily install your automatic washing machine and get started with your laundry soon after unboxing. For use and operation details please refer to the included manual.


Product Dimensions:15.4″(L) x 15.7″(W) x 28.7-39.7″(H)
Water Inlet Hose:34.6″
Drain Hose:29.5″
Power Cord:59″
Rated Voltage and Frequency:110V/60Hz
Rated Weight Capacity:8 lbs
Rated Volume Capacity:0.45cu.ft
Inlet Pressure:0.03Mpa~0.78Mpa
Rated Input Power:Wash: 380W  Spin: 250W
Water Proof Class:IPX4

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