38 Inch Trampoine


1.Use triangle hook structure pull spring,Safety, beauty and firmness.

2.Adopt the exclusive patented technology of the factory,easy to assemble and carry.

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Trampoline feet
Steel pipe 25 * 1.5mm,Black anti-skid and anti-noise foot cover are added at the bottom, which will not affect other people during use.

High quality steel pipe
With the introduction of high-tech spraying technology and the combination of modern assembly line spraying mode, the steel pipe has a smooth surface, a very comfortable feel, which effectively protects the steel pipe from moisture and rust, and is durable and guaranteed in quality.

Trampoline mat
This is an international standard trampoline. It’s waterproof, elastic, and tough.


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Weight14.48 lbs
Dimensions17 × 10 × 4 in


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