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The Bike Wheel Roller Skates merge the Go Anywhere abilities of a bike, with the speed and agility of inline speed skates. These high-performance rollerblades ride extremely fast and they do it with smoothness and comfort only available in wheels filled with air. The open toe of the rubberized footbed can accommodate Men’s sizes 5 -12. Strap in with 3 padded leg and foot straps with locking cam lever buckles and an integrated shin guard.  Why pay $4000 for the carbon fiber version when you can own this revolutionary tech for nearly a 10th?

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Similar to traditional roller skates, but the difference is that this one is faster, adapt to various roads. Lighter weight, mainly includes apron pedal, wheels, and pedals. This new skating requires you to pedal, put on the apron pedal, and then fasten your seat belt before you start using it.

Durable and high-quality structure: The roller scooter is made of a titanium metal frame, which is more durable than traditional roller skating. The maximum weight of the roller scooter is 220lbs. The Pu wheel is made of natural rubber material and is durable and stable. The large and stable wheel can adapt to various road surfaces. The black object behind the small wheel is the emergency brake. You can achieve braking by lifting your legs

Durable and wear-resistant wheels: It has a large wheel and small wheels. The big wheel needs to be inflated. The wheels are made of natural rubber material. The Pu wheel is not easy to loosen and fall off. It is wear-resistant, non-slip, damp, cool, and helps smooth. No noise taxiing. The damping effect is good and the elastic wheels ensure your safety! Large and stable wheels can be adapted to a variety of road surfaces such as pebbles, grass, asphalt, concrete, wood floors and carpets.

Permanent wear-resistant pedal deck: durable, wear-resistant pedal deck made of high-density rubber, high strength and wear-resistant time, strong friction of the foot pad, avoiding slipping of the sole, At the same time, the footpad is also very convenient clean.

Product components: mainly composed of apron pedals, wheels and pedals. The apron pedal consists of a rim, a pedal, a belt, a Velcro, a buckle, and a protective strap. Wheel rim rims, inside and outside the tires, trucks, etc., apron pedals are composed of aprons, protective bands, protective pads, belts, Velcro buckles, buckles, etc. Apron pedals, adjustable bandages and buckles to


  • Suitable for ages 14 and up
  • Maximum weight is up to 220 lbs
  • Net Weight: 6.6 lbs each
  • Number of Wheels: (1) One big wheel and (1) One small auxiliary wheel with the fixed rear brake
  • Shoe size: 5-12 (US MEN)
  • Included accessories are:
  • One Large Mesh Carry Bag
  • One Set of Elbow Pads
  • One Bike Style Hand Air Pump
  • One Product Tools Set


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