Build Brick Extensions for Dash and Dot Robots

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Transform Dash & Dot into an airplane, a cookie dispensing machine and more with Building Brick Extensions and LEGO bricks. Take on your own design challenge, plan out your design, and then start building. After you're done transforming your robot, you can bring it to life through code.

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  1. Transform dash and Dot into anything you can think of
  2. Easily attaches
  3. You get enough to use on both robots
  4. Well made
  1. You’ll need to buy LEGOs if you don’t have any already

The brick extensions for Dash and Dot are perfect for someone who wants to add a little variety to the robots’ appearance. The toys are cute as they are but kids might get bored and want to mix it up a bit. The extensions allow you to add LEGO (or other compatible) blocks to Dash and Dot to turn them into animals, such as an elephant or a dog, or into vehicles such as an airplane. With a little bit of imagination and these connectors, Dash and Dot can become virtually any toy you can think of.

The brick extensions connect easily to the side of Dash and Dot’s heads and from there you just build. These robots already do so much and now limitless other possibilities have been added. They fit nicely and are never in danger of falling off of the robots. It works great with the sound recording feature because you can record animal or vehicle sounds to go along with your creation to add even more to the experience. I believe that if you already own Dash and Dot, you can’t pass this up. So much fun and so many possibilities. I give it 2 big thumbs up.


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