Dot Robotics Kit

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Dot comes with hundreds of exciting coding adventures and projects available in wonder and blockly apps. Kids program dot's lights, sounds, and sensors in the apps and see dot come to life.
Use your apple or android smart phone or tablet to transform dot into hundreds of different toys and gadgets, such as a lively alarm clock, flying spaceship, a funny fortune teller, or even an electronic instrument.

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The Dot Robotics Kit is an excellent way for your child to learn beginner level coding. Dot can react to sounds, objects and its own movement if you tilt it and move it around. There are hundreds of things you can do with the Dot Robotics Kit, such as playing games like hot potato, magic 8 ball and even a fortune teller. Instructions aren’t needed because all of the learning occurs through the compatible apps that you download on your iOS or android device. Let’s dive right in.

  1. Lots of sounds and lights to control
  2. Can create many games with the compatible apps
  3. Easy tutorials for beginners to follow
  4. Made with tough plastic
  1. Doesn’t have wheels
  2. More fun when paired with the Dash robot


My Thoughts on the Dot Robotics Kit

First, I have to say that this is one of the cutest things I have ever seen, even if it does kind of look like a giant eyeball. Dot doesn’t move which is one of the few downsides but it’s still a ton of fun to play with. You can turn Dot into a light sword, a hot potato, a spaceship and can even make him launch things if you have the optional accessories. Make him sing and control his lights all from right within the apps. Everything is clearly explained in the tutorials and includes a challenge mode so you can start with the easy stuff and get into the harder stuff as you learn. The free play mode allows you take everything you’ve learned and do whatever your imagination can come up with.

The built in sensors make it so you can use it as an alarm if someone walks past or to make it start singing if you clap your hands. You can record your own sounds and make Dot say them if you pick it up or tilt it. I also love how strongly constructed it is. It’s very solid plastic so it can take the punishment that a young child will inevitably unleash upon it. The lights have several different patterns that can be controlled with the app as well.

One thing I was worried about was the security of having a toy connected to a device because of horror stories about other toys. The difference I that the Dot Robotics Kit doesn’t connect via Wi-Fi, it connects via Bluetooth, which means hackers can’t access it because it’s a direct connection between the robot and the device.

Final Words

Dot is one of those toys that makes kids excited to learn new things. There is actually another robot named Dash that works in conjunction with Dot, so my honest recommendation is to get both. Dash can actually move around so that gives a little extra excitement. Dot is still great on it’s own and the apps are very easy to pick up and get right into. If you have a child that is curious about the unknown and how things work, then this toy will be a slam dunk. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase of the Dot Robotics Kit.


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