Launcher for Dash Robot

$29.99 (as of December 18, 2018, 3:40 pm) & FREE Shipping. Details $25.99

The launcher is a fun accessory that turns your dash robot into a projectile hurling machine.
Using the free mobile apps for apple, android or kindle, dash can load, launch and reload and launch again.

Usually ships in 24 hours



  1. Provides you more fun with your Dash Robot
  2. Easy to attach
  3. Easy to adjust the settings within the app
  4. Made well so it should last a long time
  1. Price could be a little lower
  2. Possible to attach incorrectly if you’re not paying attention

The launcher for Dash Robot is a nice little addition to an already great toy. The launcher comes with 3 balls to catapult and 6 targets to shoot at. The targets can be stacked and also can be used with LEGO to make the targets more challenging by adding them to structures that you build. Everything needs to be attached according to the lines on the robot and takes no time at all to snap on. The angle and velocity can be controlled from within the free apps that are normally used with Dash.

Even if Dash didn’t do all of the other cool stuff this would still be a very fun toy on it’s own. There’s no limit to the amount of trick shots you can come up with if you have a bit of creativity. One of the best parts is that although it can sling those balls quite far, there is never any danger of hurting anyone if it happens to hit them. The balls are lightweight and it’s neat the way Dash nods his head up and down in order to activate the launcher. I definitely recommend this accessory if your child is already an owner of the Dash Robot.


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