How to Choose Your Perfect Murtisol Golf Clubs – Top 3 Golf Club Sets Reviewed

Murtisol Golf Clubs Buy Guide

Whether you are new to golf or find it too daunting to buy some clubs from a brand and others from a different one, a full set is probably the best choice. You still need a set from a reputable company, but make sure you can distinguish between quality and reputation.

Murtisol golf clubs are perfect then. Our range brings in complete sets of clubs at high-quality standards, without forcing you to spend a fortune on them. There are different sets for men and lighter sets for women and even for children.

Our range of golf clubs provides a complete set for all sorts of courses or tournaments. No matter what your experience level is, you will find the right club for your swing. Here are the top-rated sets in the range and what you should expect from them.

Our Picks

1. Murtisol 14-Piece Golf Club Set For Men

It is almost impossible to find a negative Murtisol golf clubs review – mostly because this set gives you anything you need on the course. It is available in a black and red combo and comes with its bag to store the clubs – or even take it with you on the course.

While designed for men, it does not mean women cannot use them – just find whatever works for you. It is aimed at right-hand golfers and brings in not less than 14 different pieces. The set is versatile, while the bag has a freestanding design – you can also fit it on a golf cart if you use one.

This set will clear the necessity of buying golf clubs separately – everything is included in the package.


  • 14 different pieces
  • Clean black and red design
  • Suitable for right hand users
  • Mostly aimed at men
  • Stand golf bag included in the package
  • Bag can be fitted on most golf carts
  • Driver #1 based on aluminum alloy and carbon fiber, comes with a head cover
  • Wood #3 has its cover and is made of carbon fiber and aluminum alloy
  • All clubs come with TRP grips – nonslip and comfortable to use
  • Most important clubs come with head covers
  • Putter has a zinc alloy head and a steel shaft

2. Murtisol 14-Piece Golf Club Set For Ladies

This female alternative to the classic Murtisol golf clubs promises to bring the same high-quality standards. It has become one of the best-selling golf sets in our range for some good reasons – quality, durability, lightweight profiles, and excellent value for money.

The set is suitable for right-hand users. It offers good value for money, considering you have the most important golf clubs players use – plus, they come with their own bag, not to mention some separate head covers for some of them.

This golf club set aims to provide a full on experience – figure out which clubs suit you better, and you will never have to buy anything else separately.


  • Designed for women
  • Suitable for right-hand golf players
  • 14 different pieces in the set
  • Comes with its own stand bag
  • Bag can also be fitted on golf carts
  • Black and green color combination
  • Many clubs are made of aluminum alloy, with carbon fiber shafts
  • All clubs have TPR grips for safety and comfort
  • Some of the main clubs come with their covers
  • Zinc alloy putters with steel shafts
  • Lightweight clubs

3. Murtisol Superlight Golf Club Sets For Kids

Interested in bringing your kid up to golf? If your little one likes spending time on the golf course and would be willing to play a few games with you, this could be an excellent activity for a good day – get them their own set too. These Murtisol golf clubs are specifically made for children.

Unlike the golf club sets for adults, this one comes with five pieces only – one for each major type of club. Your kid will get a sense of the sport and become familiar with the clubs before upgrading. The set is mostly aimed at kids between eight and 10 years old – right-handed players.

Other than that, just like other Murtisol golf sets, this one comes with its carry bag – suitable for golf carts as well.


  • Suitable for children up to 10 years old
  • Available in a mix of blue, silver, and black
  • Designed for right-handed golf players
  • Five different pieces in the set
  • Comes with a stand bag – 28 inches
  • Stand bag can be fitted on most golf carts too
  • Driver #1 300cc features a fiberglass shaft
  • Hybrid #2 with 22 degree features a similar build
  • Irons come with fiberglass shafts
  • Zinc putter with a steel shaft
  • Some of the main golf clubs have their own head covers
  • All golf clubs feature a TPR grip – nonslip and comfy

What makes our Murtisol golf clubs stand out

It is hard to find a negative Murtisol golf clubs review because our range brings in the most optimal experience for both new and more experienced golf players, without the high costs normally associated with this sport if you purchase golf clubs separately.

Murtisol has found a middle solution – whether you get the set for men or women, you will have the most commonly used clubs out there at undeniable quality standards. Light aluminum dominates – throw in some fiberglass or carbon fiber, and you have a winning scenario.

Buying everything in a set will also add to the value for money. It is one thing to buy one club at a time – different brands, and each of them will try to overcharge customers based on its reputation. Everything in a single set is less stressful and easier for your wallet.

The set for kids is not to be overlooked either – suitable for kids who are interested in the sport but are too small to use adult clubs. Again, value for money is difficult to beat – plus, the quality is incontestable.

Value for money goes even further if you count the bag included in each of the above-mentioned sets too – durable bags with multiple pockets. Bags can easily accommodate all clubs in the set and a few extra accessories. They can also be fitted to golf carts.

Finally, while performance and quality are the most important things to consider in the process, we believe that good looks also matter. You want good-looking clubs that will draw some positive attention – these ones are similar to what you can find in more expensive ranges.

As a short final conclusion, Murtisol golf clubs are suitable for both new and more experienced golfers. Sure, they may not be designed for famous golfers running in official tournaments, but they are great for less professional uses – or even for professional training purposes.

Our range has Murtisol golf sets for men, women, and kids, so there is something for everyone out there – similar in design, but different considerations, colors, and materials. Prices are lower than what you can find on Amazon and Wayfair, but you also benefit from free shipping.

Throw in the coupon code “5off” during checkout and you will save $5 too.

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